James Meyer monograph - 2005


The artist constructed three rooms to provide a separate viewing wall for each piece, creating the illusion of looking through either a window or a door. The windows and doors were back to back to each other on opposite sides of the wall.

The arriving and departing landscape refers to the waxing and waning niche of the place man occupies. The objects on the windowsill are keys, trinkets, fossils, a glass of water. The trinkets represent life from the past, like a skull used in a still life painting. Fossils are of creatures that have turned into oil and coal that makes our lifestyle possible.

Windows are not meant to pass through, so people are forced to watch these scenes play out before them. The doors are complete ideas of memory; they show a place of memory completing the allegory with their secret code.

With all the analogies of the door that cannot be passed through, one is meant to decipher and pass through mentally.

- James Meyer